Arriving at Birthcare Auckland

Arriving in Labour

If your client arrives before you, Birthcare staff can provide support until you arrive, and for delivery if required.

Women who arrive at Birthcare in labour without prior registration and without a LMC will be referred to Auckland Hospital.

Arriving in Labour

Extended length of stay (ELOS)

We are normally only funded for two nights. The ELOS incentive from the Ministry of Health allows women to stay a third night.

We welcome anyone who would like to stay a third night but if there is a reason that you are advising them to stay, please speak to Birthcare staff so that it can be recorded on the ‘ELOS Sticky Label’.

Please also document details in the notes. Birthcare is audited by the Ministry of health and is required by Auckland DHB to record the number of women who need an extended stay where clinically indicated.

The categories are as follows;

  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Post op recovery
  • Ongoing medical problems
  • Psychological problems
  • Babies with special needs
  • Geographical isolation
  • Maternal confidence
  • No specific reason to stay.
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