Information for midwives and LMCs

Info for Midwives and LMCs

Birthcare is a maternity hospital which provides excellent 24 hour care for new mothers and their families.

We aim to make the birth experience the best that it can be, with a strong focus on natural birthing.

We pride ourselves on the support we provide to birthing mothers and their midwives.

Midwives are welcome to apply for an access agreement and will be given an orientation by:
Angela Wilson, Auckland, and Melissa, Huntly.

Info for Midwives and LMCs

Your responsibilities

  • Sign the registration form and confirm clients registration prior to birthing.
  • Inform us when your client is in labour and on her way to Birthcare.
  • Inform us of any special requirements.
  • Liaise with Birthcare’s coordinator/midwife, so that we can assist you where needed.
  • Be familiar with our emergency transfer procedures for neonatal acute transfer and maternal transfer.
  • Be in attendance for 2 hours after birth of the placenta.
  • NHI Birth Notices must be completed by the LMC and given to Administration between 8.00am and 9.00pm.
  • NHI numbers are the responsibility of the LMC. NHI numbers will be allocated between 8.00am and 9.00pm.
  • After hours, only babies requiring acute transfer require pre-allocated NHI numbers. Please call the co-ordinator to arrange this.
  • Refer to the LMC folder in each delivery room for contact details and current policies.
  • Ensure that the core midwife has keyed in her phone number in case you need her.
  • If you have an emergency in any room, please remove the phone from the receiver. This will activate the emergency call bell indicating the room you are in to the Birthcare staff.


Take a look at the document requirements here.


Equipment and where to find it

  • All ecbolics are kept in the fridge in the room.
  • All ecbolics are kept in the fridge in the room.
  • PPH trolleys are located in the Level 1 cupboard next to the midwive’s station and in the level 2 procedure room.
  • Each resuscitaire has a neopuff, suction and overhead heater.
  • Neonatal resus box is in the cupboard near the midwive’s station on Level 1 and contains a pulse oximeter.
  • Transport cot for acute transfers with backpack for return of items is in the cupboard on Level 1.
  • Hep B – Stored in the vaccine fridge behind the door in Level 1 treatment room. Hep B immunoglobulin is ordered as required.
  • Anti D – Immunoglobulin is available through the blood bank. Birthcare staff will arrange and administrator.

Cold Baby Initiative

  • Please ensure that baby’s temp is 36.7C or above before transfer from hospital.
  • Pre-warm all baby clothes and blankets before dressing with a singlet, stretch & grow, cardigan, bonnet, booties and 2 blankets.
  • Pre-warm baby capsule if possible.
  • Ask parents to have the car heater running before transfer.
  • Be mindful of the wind tunnel effect through level 4 entrance at NWH when transiting to the car.

Paediatric Service

We have doctors available to help, please ask us for their details.

In Auckland, Dr Peter Nobbs visits daily and is available as required. LMC referrals are required. Please arrange for follow up appointment as required.

Dr Simon Rowley is happy to see babies with tongue ties. Please contact him for a referral.

Lab tests / audiology

Lab tests

Labtests visit twice daily at 9.00am to 9.30am and 13.00pm to 13.30pm Monday to Friday and daily on Saturdays at 9.30am (and by on request Saturday afternoons and Sundays).

Please ensure urgent samples are well labelled with name and room number, Practitioner number and CC to LMC or Paediatrician.

Visit Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after 12.00pm depending on referrals from ADHB.

Consent referrals collected from ADHB delivery.


Daily visits 7 days from 9.00am. Consent process will be at the bedside.

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