Free Early Pregnancy Clinic

Free early pregnancy clinic

It is best to book your appointment between 9-10 weeks, but if that is not possible we can arrange a time before 13 weeks gestation. Appointments are usually one hour, but please allow extra time if you would like a tour. Alternatively you can attend one of the Birthcare tours on a Thursday or Saturday.

Early pregnancy care is important and will:

  • Help support health and wellness in your pregnancy
  • Monitor the growth of the baby
  • Provide information
  • Help you to understand the normal physical and emotional changes associated with pregnancy.

At this clinic you will learn about:

  • The maternity care system in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Finding a midwife LMC
  • Options on where to birth your baby
  • Early pregnancy screening options including ultrasound
  • Healthy eating, food safety and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Pregnancy, parenting education and more!

This clinic is held by a Registered Midwife. Initial blood tests, ultrasound requests, prescriptions for dietary supplements and any other screening tests you may need/choose can also be provided.

Early pregnancy clinic enquiry form

Please fill out our enquiry form below and one of our team will get in touch to make an appointment time. If you are 13 weeks or over please call Birthcare directly on (09) 374 0800.

NOTE: If you already have a midwife, you are unable to attend this clinic. This clinic is for women who are needing help to access maternity services and have yet to find a midwife.

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