Information for Birthing LMCs 

Birthcare provides our LMCs with emergency and additional birthing equipment:
  • Uterotonics and TXA are kept in the fridge in each Birthing Room
  • Level 1 Emergency Equipment cupboard next to the Midwife’s station and opposite Rm 105 has:
    • PPH Trolley
    • Neonatal Equipment backpack with bag and mask for Ambulance transfer
    • NeoMate Infant Restraint System for ambulance transfer
    • Born Before Arrival (BBA) box
    • Stillbirth box
    • AED. adult bag and mask and oxygen cylinder
  • Each Birthing Room has a Resuscitaire with overhead heater, Neopuff, stethoscope, and suction equipment. Please note only Tui Room has an air/oxygen blender
  • The Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System is kept outside Kereru Room. This also has a bag and Mask and Oxygen Saturation Monitor and LMA on it.
  • Store cupboard between Tui and Kereru Birthing Rooms has:
    • Angle poised lamps
    • IV poles
    • CTG machine
    • Wheelchair
Birthcare birthing documentation is provided in each birthing room:
  • Labour Partogram
  • Clinical Notes for mother and baby
  • Delivery Summary
  • Neonatal Record
  • Medication Chart for mother AND for baby
  • MEWS and NOC/NEWS charts
  • Notice of Birth – Please complete a hard copy Notice of Birth and give to Reception staff for them to lodge online
  • Notification of Newborn for Enrolment Aotearoa Immunisation Register – Please give to Reception staff for them to lodge online
  • BCG Assessment form (if applicable)

A Well Child Book with NMS card is also provided to be given to the mother/whānau.

We ask our LMCs supporting whānau transferring to Birthcare postnatally to engage in Prevention of Cold Baby Initiative by:

  • Ensuring that baby’s temp is 36.7C or above before transfer from hospital to Birthcare
  • Pre-warming all baby clothes and blankets before dressing with a singlet, stretch & grow, cardigan, bonnet, booties and 2 blankets
  • Pre-warming baby car capsule if possible
  • Asking parents to have the car heater running before transfer
  • Being mindful, at Auckland Hospital, of the wind tunnel effect through level 4 entrance when transferring to the car
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