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Our services

Our services

At Birthcare Auckland we strive to provide the very best for the people in our care, their family and whānau, our staff and specialists. Take a look at some of our services available during your stay below.

Postnatal Classes

We run two postnatal classes to support our new parents on their journey. We offer a Postnatal Physiotherapy Class and a Preparation for going home class.

The Postnatal Physiotherapy Class is enjoyed by new mothers as it is an opportunity to assist their physical recovery in the early postnatal days. The session is valuable for both vaginal and caesarian deliveries.

Our Preparation for going home is a great class for new parents/support people as guides parents on the babies health, safety, feeding and sleeping and how best to support one another. This is also a fantastic place to connect with other new parents.


Birthcare Postnatal Classes

Educational Classes

Birthcare’s education classes are facilitated by Midwives or qualified Childbirth Educators. Our aim is to provide you with current evidence-based information to enable you to make informed decisions, as you navigate the unpredictable nature of pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenting. The classes are fun, interactive, and engaging as you gather information to make choices best suited to you.

Joining a parenting education class or classes is recommended for all expectant parents. Parenting education helps prepare you for those important steps in your journey. We recommend joining a class in your second or early third trimester. We will facilitate forming a coffee group which enables networking with parents journeying along the same path with similar joys and challenges, this can even be the beginning of lifelong friendships!

Our Classes

Water births

Our birthing suite has specially designed birthing rooms with pools. Use of the pool during labour provides excellent pain relief. 60% of women birthing at Birthcare use water for pain relief. You may also choose to give birth in the water.

Pain relief

Pain relief options available include portable entonox and pethidine via injection. As we are a primary birthing hospital, we do not offer epidurals or caesarean sections.

Postnatal services

View our Postnatal services here.

Postnatal care and services
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