Postnatal Care and Services

Postnatal Care & Services

Postnatal Care & Services

Birthcare provides 24-hour midwifery care. We have a wonderful team of highly skilled and educated staff who are passionate about providing support to you and your baby.

Our staff include midwives, nurses, house-keepers, administration staff, visiting physiotherapists, visiting paediatricians and lactation consultants who will work closely with your LMC to assist you with the transition into parenthood.

Our midwives are always available to help and are happy to spend as much time with you as you need until you feel confident to go home with your baby.

We provide a Going Home Talk on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Surrogate baby

If you are having a surrogate baby and would like to stay with us after the baby is born, let us know. Talk to us about your unique set of postnatal needs and we will do our very best to make them happen for you. We can apply for postnatal funding for surrogacy on your behalf.

If you are wanting to breastfeed, we are here to help. Establishing breast feeding can sometimes be a challenge even when you have the best preparation and the best intentions!

We have a qualified lactation consultant available to support you with breastfeeding during your stay.

If you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding once you are home, Birthcare’s Lactation Clinic is held twice a week. You may either self refer or be referred by your LMC. Appointments are for a one hour private consultation with a Lactation Consultant and are arranged to coincide with a breastfeed.

You do not need to have been a client of Birthcare to access this service. Referrals may also be made during pregnancy for those women who have anatomical problems, previous surgery or who have experienced difficulties breastfeeding in the past.

Charges are as follows:

  • Free for women who have birthed at Birthcare until 28 days, then $80
  • $65 for women who have had a postnatal stay of more then 12 hours at Birthcare until 28 days, then $80
  • $80 for women who did not birth or have a postnatal stay of more than 12 hours at Birthcare
  • $80 for all antenatal lactation consults

LMC’s can download a referral form here

For an appointment, phone Birthcare 09 374 0800

Birthcare also offers a breast pump hire service for those mothers who need to express breast milk. The breast pumps are hired on a weekly or monthly basis and the attachments are purchased by each mother.

  • Symphony Breast Pump $55/week or $135/month
  • Accessories $45 (single pumping)

A refundable bond of $135 is required.

  • Lanowool breast pads $25.00
  • Nipple shields (set of 2) $22.00 or $12.00 each
  • Purelan 7g $12.00
  • Heat packs $5.00
  • Birthcare soft toy $25.00

We have Breastfeeding brochures on our Useful Websites and Information page.

All babies are tested after birth.  If you did not birth at Birthcare and your baby did not receive their newborn hearing screening in the hospital, they will be tested whilst at Birthcare Auckland.

The audiology team visits daily, seven days a week from 9.00am. A consent process will take place at the bedside. For more information visit

Birthcare works with Re-centre mental health specialists for private mental health care.

Based in Parnell, Re-centre specialists are available Monday to Friday for private consultations and appointments to provide support across a range of perinatal mental health issues, providing a range of interventions personalised to your needs.

Referrals are welcome from your LMC Midwife, Obstetrician, GP or you may enquire directly to Re-centre.

Birthcare has a group of physiotherapists who provide post-birth classes three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) to aid your physical recovery. Details of these classes will be provided when you arrive at Birthcare.

If you have any specific physical concerns, please talk to your LMC and they will assess whether you need to be referred for an individual physiotherapy consultation.

For more information visit

We have a Paediatrician who visits daily as required. If your baby needs to see a Paediatrician a referral will be made by your LMC.

We follow best practice policies and guidelines. You can view our terms and conditions via the link below.

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