Tour our Facility

Curious about Birthcare?

Curious about Birthcare?

If you are considering birthing at Birthcare, you can tour our facilities and learn about how we can support you through your birthing journey. This is a great opportunity to view our birthing room options, our postnatal rooms in planning your birthing journey.

Our tours run every Thursday at 2:30pm and Saturday at 2 and 2:30pm – these tours are 20-30 minutes and are a great opportunity to help you get comfortable in our facility.

What does a tour cover?

You will be greeted in the Level 2 lounge by a Midwife or Childbirth Educator, where they will take you through the following

  • Admission processes
  • Your arrival while in labour or transfer from another Hospital
  • Post birth processes
  • Our postnatal care and services
  • What to bring for your stay

The tour takes you through the Birthcare facility, where you will have an opportunity to see birthing rooms and the various postnatal room options. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the facility or the processes we have in place for your care.

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