COVID-19 Protection Framework Orange and Red Protocol for Birthcare Clients and Support People

Restrictions are in place to look after the people in our care. Our robust health and safety measures ensures we continue to perform safely while providing optimal care to all our patients

The safety and wellbeing of our clients, support people, visitors, staff, medical specialists, LMCs, and contractors is always our utmost priority.  We have always had very thorough cleaning, hygiene and health and safety processes in our facility. We have dedicated infection prevention and health and safety experts advising and monitoring our practices. We’ve also put in place even more cleaning and sanitising, focusing on high touch surfaces, and we have hand sanitisers installed throughout the hospital for our staff, clients, support people, and visitors.

We’re following the Ministry of Health’s guidelines around handwashing, cough etiquette, social distancing, and hygiene practices, and have reinforced this with all our teams. If you are unwell, please do not enter the facility. Contact your GP.

We continue to work alongside our local District Health Boards and follow the Ministry of Health guidelines to provide care to those in need.

Policies that keep us safe

We want to assure all people in our care that we have extensive policies, procedures, and measures in place to keep us all safe whilst reducing the likelihood of Covid transmission within our facilities.

Evolution provides a rapid antigen test to all our Birthcare clients and support people with testing undertaken by our staff prior to admission.

Should a client in our care become symptomatic, find out they are a close contact, or test positive for Covid, we have procedures in place to support and isolate that client.

Across Evolution our facilities are registered on the Critical Worker Register, with our healthcare staff identified as part of the Close Contact Exemption Scheme. This means our facilities can continue operating with minimal disruption, and our staff who may become a close contact can undertake rapid antigen tests to ensure they are safe to work.

We are committed to ensuring you can continue to access our exceptional healthcare during this time.

Visiting restrictions apply in Orange Settings

To keep us all safe we have limitations in place for the number of visitors or support people entering or staying in our facility. During Orange setting we ask you to read the following policies we have in place to keep everyone in our care safe.

Testing on arrival

On arrival to Birthcare, we ask that you contact Reception on 374 0800 to notify us of your arrival in the carpark and to remain in your car for a staff member to bring a RAT pack/s to you and your support person if neither of you were tested at a previous hospital prior to discharge.

If negative, you and your support person can enter the Birthcare building and will be screened, completion of a health questionnaire and your temperature recorded to ensure you are both well and there are no COVID symptoms of concern.

Use of masks within Birthcare

Surgical masks must be worn on arrival to Birthcare.  We recommend that you and your support person remain in your room rather than come into the communal areas.  All visitors are required to wear a surgical mask when outside of your room, and when Birthcare staff enters your room to provide care/services.


Two other visitors are allowed to visit once a day from 2pm – 8pm for all room options.  They must also undergo a RAT in their car before they enter the Birthcare building.  The RATs can be collected from reception.  No more than three visitors will be allowed in the room at one time.  They must remain in the room and not circulate within the communal areas

Your visiting children

Your children may visit once a day between 3pm – 5pm.  Only two children once per day please.  They must be well and have no symptoms.  Children are not allowed in the communal areas at all times.

Shared Rooms

The Shared Room option for postnatal stay is for mother and baby only.  If you have opted for the Shared Room option for your stay, a nominated support person may stay with you during the day (8am – 8pm).  The support person should leave the facility in the evening to go home, but is required to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before re-entering Birthcare building.  The support person can collect the RAT from reception on their way out.  Instructions on how to carry out the test is included in the RAT pack.

Private or Premium Rooms

If you have opted for the upgraded Private or Premium Room option, your nominated support person may stay with you overnight.  Birthcare can provide meals for the support person at subsidised rates.  Please refer to our schedule of charges for costs, and on admission, please see the Information Folder at the bedside for details.  You can order takeaways but it must be contactless delivery.  No delivery people are to enter the clinical areas.  Any food deliveries should be left on the Ground Floor for you to pick up.

Meals for support people

Birthcare can provide meals for support people at subsidised rates. Please see the Information Folder at the bedside for more details. You can order take-aways, but it must be contactless delivery, no delivery people are to enter the clinical areas. Any food deliveries should be left on Ground Floor for you to pick up.

To reduce the risk of Covid-19 we ask all people to follow the rules below:

  • Enter our facilities through the main entrance only
  • Always wear a surgical mask within our facilities
  • Where possible please maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres
  • Maintain vigilant hand washing and hygiene practices
  • If you’re unwell do not enter our facilities. Follow Ministry of Health guidelines and contact your GP

Thank you for helping us to keep our staff, patients, and the people you love safe.

For further information on Covid Settings, please refer to

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