COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) Orange Protocol for Birthcare Clients and Support People

Birthcare’s support person/ policy is designed to protect those who are receiving care in our facility. It is a policy with tiaki (protect), manaaki (care and support), and aroha (love) at its core.

New Zealand needs to continue its vigilance. While the risk to public safety is real, we can greatly reduce it by following the Ministry of Health advice and taking simple consistent actions to prevent potential spread.

Help us to keep Birthcare COVID-19 free for our clients’ health and wellbeing, as well as our staff (and their families) who are doing an amazing job during these changing and challenging times.

If you have questions, please ask to speak to a Manager during business hours, or Manager on call during afterhours.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe stay at Birthcare and please keep yourselves safe when you go home.

Orange Setting – Covid Protection Framework.

On arrival to Birthcare, you and your support person will be screened, and your temperatures recorded to ensure you are both well and there are no medical symptoms of concern.

Masks must be worn on arrival to Birthcare. We recommend that you and your support person remain in your room, rather than come into the communal areas at Birthcare. You are required to wear a mask when outside of the room and for when our staff enters your room to provide care/services (e.g. delivering meals, restocking, cleaning).

The nominated support person can be a spouse/partner/mum/etc… and will have to adhere to strict rules of not leaving the facility. Once the client is admitted into Birthcare, the support person cannot leave the facility until your family is ready for discharge. If the support person decides to leave the facility, Birthcare has the right to decline access to the support person re-entering the facility again. All other visiting is still prohibited.

Birthcare can provide meals for a support person who is staying at subsidised rates. Please see the Information Folder at the bedside for more details. You can order take-aways, but it must be contactless delivery, no delivery people are to enter the clinical areas. Any food deliveries should be left on Ground Floor for you to pick up.

For further information on Covid Settings, please refer to

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